Ominous Advice

Finally I seem to have settled into some sort of rhythm of daily life in Madrid. It has only taken 3 months, but I feel like I now have some sort of routine, even if it is completely different to anything else I have ever known. For starters I am officially a working gal. Everyday, … Continue reading Ominous Advice

Finding My Feet

Two months of Madrid madness have now passed me and we are staring the start of March in the face. WTF. Can someone please tell me where the time is going? Anyone? In brief, here’s the story so far:My biggest fear while sitting on that flight, Madrid bound, was that my housemates would absolutely not … Continue reading Finding My Feet

December Diary

So it has recently dawned on me that despite having an extremely busy and fun filled couple of months, with a few tough times in there mixed in with some moments that will be forever memorable, I have failed to update my blog. Ironic. I am possibly the worst blog writer in the world. In … Continue reading December Diary

Lucking in

(Written 16th November)This last week seems to have provided me with a massive learning curve… I was offered a position in Sardinia that I had randomly applied for before I came to Galicia to start next Monday. They wanted me to leave my job here (2weeks before the end of my contract) to start there … Continue reading Lucking in

Life in Os Peares- Rainy, remote but really quite wonderful

(Written 20thNovember)So it is true that my post-uni visions had mostly encompassed chasing summer around the world and attaining a year long tan. Galicia has without a doubt proven to be the exact opposite. But there is no doubt that this little place has a slight charm about it and it is certainly rubbing off … Continue reading Life in Os Peares- Rainy, remote but really quite wonderful

Tainted Love

Pickpocketing. Barcelona is as famous for it as the city is for the Sagrada Familia. My sister visited the city in Easter and had her whole bag stolen. On my first day my housemates warned me about it and so did all the people at the BBQ. “It’s like a real life Oliver Twist” they … Continue reading Tainted Love