Returning Home

(Written 26th August 2014)The last few days of camp flew past and before I knew it closing camp fire was upon us and we have been left looking back wondering where the hell the summer had gone. The closing camp fire also meant our drama debut, and Caitlin and I nervously got our kids ready … Continue reading Returning Home

Memorable Moments

(written 26th July 2014)I find myself sitting on another bus heading off on another day off adventure to Zadar, having said goodbye to yet another group of girls. My third session has been the quickest yet and my girls were once again genuinely fabulous. Boisterous, lively and rather mischievous, they have kept me on my … Continue reading Memorable Moments

Time flies

I cannot believe that I am coming to the end of looking after my second group of children and have been in Croatia for 3 weeks already. My days feel incredibly long, with every hour planned and scheduled. Our actions are dictated by the playing of the latest chart music signifying the end of one … Continue reading Time flies

Camp calling

The journey to camp from Dubrovnik was a rather nervous one for me, as it was for Becca and Karolina who were also returning. We had spent the last few days wandering the streets of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and on the beach, with Becca and I trying to add some colour to our … Continue reading Camp calling

Here Goes…

As my housemates will tell you, I've been contemplating starting a blog for a while. It seems ironic for someone that isn't the biggest fan of Facebook and sharing my every move with the world. But I figured it would help me stay ever so slightly more organised and possibly help me remember what I … Continue reading Here Goes…