Katie Came to Stay

True to her word, Katie, came to visit towards the end of the month. She was staying at mine for two weeks and we planned a short trip to Tokyo in the middle. I couldn’t wait! I headed to arrivals on Sunday morning, (feeling grateful for dodging a hangover from the salsa Halloween party the night before), and stood excitedly waiting, as I had done a couple of months before when my parents had come to visit. Before long we were heading back to mine, catching up and planning what we were going to do together. It seemed she had brought the cold weather across the world with her, as it literally turned cold as she arrived. Having told her that she would only need a light jacket despite it being October, she was feeling somewhat cold and slightly unimpressed! I was to spend the next two weeks lending her jumpers and scarfs and feeling slightly guilty about my seemingly inaccurate advice!


We introduced Katie to the wonders of Korean BBQ in the evening and planned what she was going to do for the next few days. To my delight, she had been sent over with a mini Christmas tree and teabags from my Mum, as well as with a couple of books I have been wanting to read! With Monday brought my usual work routine and I had to leave Katie to explore the city on her own. Still, we enjoyed some lazy mornings and breakfast together, which was absolutely lovely! It was so great having her around to chat to! The icing on the cake was knowing that I only had a few days at work until we were heading to Tokyo!

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