The Sea is good for the Soul

The blow of returning back to work after the Chuseok holidays was softening by knowing that I would soon enough be heading off on  an adventure again. At the end of the week, in fact! With Ramsey’s birthday soon here, we decided to take the opportunity to go to Busan to celebrate. If that wasn’t exciting enough, I only had a half day at work on Friday, and started early, so that we could take a train in the evening. 
We KTX-ed it and were soon in Busan and making our way up 36 floors to our guesthouse! Wow! We were going to be enjoying spectacular views of the sprawling concrete jungle of Busan for two days! Despite being on holiday, routine weekly wake up times aren’t easy to shake off and we were up at around 8:30 on Saturday and ready to explore after filling up on the guest house breakfast. 
We headed to Igidae Coastal path, and after an unexpectedly long walk to find it, we weren’t too sure we were up for a hike in the end! Nevertheless, since we had got there we decided to start walking a bit of it for a few views of Haeundae beach and the skyline across the bay. It wasn’t long before the beautiful views had changed our minds and we decided that we would see the 5km path through to the end, convinced it wouldn’t take the suggested 2.5hours. It was wonderful to be so close to the water, watching the waves crash against the rocks next to us. Despite the wind, the sun was surprisingly warm and soon justified a brief ice lolly stop, bought from a lone seller ingeniously positioned on the route. Our frequent stops, leisurely pace and the unexpected hills on the route meant two hours soon passed us before we were at the end of the coastal path. We didn’t mind in the slightest, as beautiful natural views had accompanied us the entire way. We rewarded ourselves with coffee before testing out the Oryukdo Skywalk that we happened to find at the end of the walk.
We took the bus to Haeundae beach, and after a late lunch/early dinner we sat on the sand and watched the waves until darkness fell. With our trip also coinciding with the Busan International Film Festival, we headed to the cinema in the hope of catching one of the many films being shown as the beach became a bit chilly. We weren’t too surprised when we were told that the films we wanted to see were already sold out, but bought tickets for the last film still available. Set in Manila, “In the Claws of a Century Wanting” illustrated the struggles of communities of squatters in the face of a growing container shipping industry on their doorstep. With its documentary-like feel, we were certainly provided with food for thought that fuelled our metro ride home. Our detoured journey home, I should say, as we stopped at some orange tents on our way back for some street food and beers. And of course, our nightcap was to sample the plum wine Ramsey had brought back from his recent trip to Tokyo! I slept like a baby! 

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