Not so sunny Suncheon

The rain still hadn’t stopped as we woke up on Friday and left our guesthouse in Gwangju. We hopped on a bus to Suncheon and I soon found myself leaving my bags at the next guesthouse. Thankfully this one had a bathroom for just the four people in my room, making a nice change from the previous one which had just one bathroom for all the guests! The passive aggression of the unclear shower queue was almost unbearable. 

We headed out to catch the bus to Naganeupseong folk village, about an hour away from the city. The rain stopped just long enough for us to explore the village. Still lived in, the beautiful houses, with their thatched rooves, have maintained a unique character that is unseen in the modern urban cities of the country. Walking along the fortress walls surrounding the village provided marvellous views of the area against the mountainous background. There was not a tall building in sight, but acres of open land. What a rarity in Korea! 


The rain began again, cueing our time to leave. A bus ride took us through green open fields and back into town where we headed for dinner and then to an old factory building which has been transformed into a kind of cultural space, full of holes in the wall selling food and boutique shops, with a film being projected onto a screen for people to enjoy as they eat their meals from the surrounding food stalls. Yirak was once again staying at a different hostel, so we parted ways and I spent the evening relaxing in the guesthouse, catching up with Dad and starting my new book; Aleph.


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