Looking Forward

Just over five months into my job I received an email from the national manager, asking if I want to renew my contract next February. Yikes, I was not even half way through yet and I was being faced with this decision. With my gut feeling telling me that a year will be enough time for me in Korea, it has dawned on my that I am faced with the situation of ‘so, what next!?’ I had always earmarked 25 as the age I would return home, with the travel bug well out of my system, ready to ‘settle down’ and get my true career underway…whatever that may be. Ha ha ha. As if the universe was taking care of this for me, my 25th birthday beautifully coincides with the month my contract finishes. Despite this being a good while away, it hasn’t stopped a dull nervousness from setting in as uncertainty about what the future hold and the exact path my life will take a complete mystery. That feeling of the Unknown, much like that which I felt as my time at university came to an end, is a daunting one, soon to be staring me right in the face once again. I have been spending mornings before work in front of the computer searching for potential jobs and opportunities, in the hope of avoiding making eye contact with it; but I know that in reality I have to face it with an open mind and open arms and let the universe present me with whatever my next challenge/adventure may be. 
That said, it hasn’t stopped us booking a flight to Vietnam and planning an adventure for when our time in Korea comes to an end. AND before that we still have half our time here left that I don’t want to wish away! So as the Chuseok holiday fast approaches, it’s time to put any worrying on hold for a while and make the most of exploring the Hermit Kingdom. 

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