Meddling in Medellin

By the time the long awaited weekend break had arrived we were itching to get out of Cali and experience somewhere new! Albeit another city, we had heard nothing but positivity about Medellin. A four day weekend due to more school cancellations provided the perfect opportunity to discover what this city had to offer. Our neighbour had kindly written us a list of things to do, and it was clear that we definitely weren’t going to be bored.
We arrived late afternoon and headed to our hostel which was situated in the west of the city, near metro station Suramericana, which was to prove incredibly useful to navigate us around the city. The metro system confirmed everyone’s description on the city as ‘organizada’, enabling us to travel wherever we wanted in the city with ease. With police situated on every platform, I felt a lot safer and relaxed; people even had their phones out and were using them without thinking twice about looking over their shoulder- wow, what a difference from Cali!
On our first evening we headed Poblado, an area renowned for attracting tourists and expat communities. It was clear to see why- with lots of entertainment, bars, restaurants and clubs, a buzz filled the air. Although it came with a price tag. Had we been travelling with good old £’s we wouldn’t have batted an eyelid, but these prices seemed much steeper when you are earning and thinking in pesos! 
After a few beers, we felt relaxed and excited about what the next few days would have in store for us. We headed back for a reasonably early night as Saturday was to take us to Guatapé and its famously enormous rock…

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