Home is where the heart is

As per, my time at home passed by like a whirlwind and it wasn’t long before I found myself having my ‘last sleep’ before the next adventure was to begin. Finding time when all the family was together at the same time proved near impossible, with work, travel and the reality of life getting in the way! We managed a family meal on Sunday and there were some evenings with four of us around which still provided a great time to hang out and chill together. I also had time to visit both my Nans without too much pressure or need to dash off again.
Although everyone is always hectic I managed to see most of my friends too. A wonderful cheese fondue and wine night with some of the girls from school, a dinner with uni friends and even managing to make it to one of their birthday’s had me feeling like I had found the time for more than just a quick catch up for the most part. With a move to the salsa capital of the world on the horizon, I decided it was time to try my hand (and foot for that matter) at some salsa dancing too. Off I went to some lessons in a local hall with Megan and Roisin, my two lifelong friends who I can always rely on being up for doing ridiculous things with me!  I was far from competent by the end but we left buzzing and up for returning, so much so that we headed to a salsa bar in London that Friday night for another hit. A free lesson, some good food and drink and some great music had me feeling like I was back in Spain, with all the Spanish speakers around me providing me with opportunities to practice the lingo whilst trying to keep my feet moving in time. It goes without saying that now I simply can’t wait to learn to dance for real! 
By the time my little bedroom was back in order and everything had found its home, it was pretty much time to start packing up once again. The warmth of being home pulling at my heart was difficult to ignore and caused me to doubt whether I should be leaving again. Being away from such a loving, supportive network leaves me feeling selfish and guilty at times and it is strange to think that life continues at home, and in all parts of the world, whether you are there or not. 
Ramsey’s arrival at mine, the night before our new adventure began, filled me with more confidence about the new road that lay ahead. Whether he was coming or not I would have made it to South America on my own at some point, but it’s nice and reassuring to have someone by your side when faced with being such a distance from home in a place potentially very alien from what you are used to. After a final farewell meal at the local pub and a last sleep and we found ourselves at departures. It seemed hard to believe that my Mum had met me there at arrivals just two and a half weeks before with a bunch of roses. Their flowers had blossomed, received many a compliment, and then slowly lost their petals over the course of my time at home. As if their lifespan had mirrored my length of time at home, I held back the tears and gave my Dad a final big hug as I headed through security and towards the unknown. 

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