Reflections on an adventure in Canada

On our way to Banff we had stopped off to admire the incredible Johnston Canyon. The trip had continually proven to us the power and beauty of nature and we were left once again admiring another one of its feats. The way the water has carved its route over thousands of years through layers of rock is simply amazing. Throughout history, day and night, it has not once ceased to run its stream. Except when nature has caused it to freeze in its tracks and take time to pause, until the time is right for it to run again. I love nature. I love the fact that it has endured throughout time and that its beauty surpasses anything that mankind could create. My Dad always says that if trees could talk, imagine the stories they could tell, having watched the world go by for hundreds of years. Nature creates forces that humans can only wish to control- fire, water, the weather. Forces so strong that regardless of how clever and empowered we think we are as humans, we have no choice but to be humbled by them. And that is a fact I love. Humans could try to create  a man-made canyon, carving a route through rock using machines and directing water. But would it be as beautiful? Would the water run as powerfully or as freely? Absolutely not. And how great is that.
The Johnston Canyon
I am a city girl at heart. Born and raised in a concrete jungle and now living in a Spanish speaking one. I know it is where I feel most comfortable, possibly because I have not embraced anything else… Yet I hate the development of mankind. Its ever increasing dependence on technology for social uses and moves against nature. I live in a society that is surrounded by the man-made, the artificial and the superficial. My two weeks travelling through British Columbia has opened my eyes to a life more in tune with nature. One where everyone breathes fresh alpine air and either skis, hikes or bikes in the mountains in their free time. Of course, the majority still work 9-5 and depend on technology but they do this whilst still having an appreciation for the beauty of their surroundings and the power of nature as they witness it on their doorstep. 
So after two weeks immersed in natural (albeit smokey) beauty, here’s to nature. May its power forever reign over us!

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