Stop the Car!

(22nd August)
Before we knew it we were packing up again! It seemed too soon to be leaving and we certainly hadn’t had enough time to truly appreciate the beauty of the place. We needed at least one more day- we were desperate to take the kayaks out on the lake in front of our cabins! But time was something we certainly did not have enough of on this holiday! Our next destination- Jasper in the Rockies.
As we headed back along the track road to Clearwater we finally got a clear view of those infamous beauties that British Colombia and Alberta rave about. 3 black bears, a mother and her 2 cubs were in the middle of the road as we headed around the corner in the car. As we approached the mother and one cub shot right, the other little one headed left. Slowly passing the spot we waited down the road until a little face timidly came out of the bushes, before hiding again and finally carefully crossing the road to be united with its family. A few photos later we could finally say we had seen a bear in the wild- thankfully from the safety of a car. If only those bears had any idea how grateful we were! It was truly a moment that wont be forgotten in a hurry and I felt we had been very lucky to see them. 
We stopped off at Moul falls and headed off for a 4km hike to the fall…that was not before we mistook a field of cows we were about to walk through as full of brown bears. A brave Dad led the way and put our fears to rest! The hike was easy, really enjoyable and well worth it as we reached yet another beautiful fall! Dad and Ash walked all the way behind it too. Having walked part the way I decided that I didn’t fully trust my slightly unreliable footing and balance on the slippery narrow trail on the gravel bank behind the waterfall. It wasn’t worth the slip and fall into the pounding water below!! After making it back safely with thankfully no bears, or cows for that matter, spotted on the return we hit the road to Jasper. 
After a while we found ourselves surrounded by mountains and as our road cut through them, we kept our eyes peeled for Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in the Rockies. We turned a corner and were unexpectedly met with a spectular view of the famous snowy peak, with its thin cape of cloud at the top. It went without saying that a stop for a picture was called for, although Dad was gutted that the accompanying coffee shop had shut just 20 minutes before! Back on the road we were soon in Jasper, met with icy cold air that made me wonder if I had brought enough layers with me! It was to be an enjoying albiet alcohol free dinner that evening with the waiter refusing to serve us due to a lack of ID! Bed again at around 10pm!

Mount Robson
Lovely scenic drive
Mountains, mountains, mountains!

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