A Day of Driving

(20th August)
This was the day my Dad had been dreading the most on the holiday. The long drive from Whistler to Clearwater had arrived. Admittedly the night before he realised it was only around 500km instead of the 700km he had originally thought. So we hit the road more optimistic that expected. it wasn’t long before I spotted a bear, admittedly through a hedge in a field and we whizzed past without stopping leaving everyone else wondering if I really had seen one. We kept our eyes peeled for the next 7 hours to no avail. The variations in terrain were quite impressive as we drove across British Columbia. We went from thick alpine forests which steeped up the sides of the mountains to large plains with yellowing grass on which a couple of deer grazed. I have never seen a landscape so beautiful. The roads were long, well kept and quiet. As we climbed up the sides of mountains we were met with sheer drops and tight hairpin bends…  it was a hair-raising experience to say the least! But we were also met with picturesque viewpoints and lakes hugged on all sides by mountains. 



Breaking news in the town of Clinton!

We were heading deeper into the back-country, also known as bear-country, when we stopped at the little town of Clinton. This was a town that literally had one bar, one shop, one petrol station and one restaurant. We took a break in the little cafe and sat on their terrace watching the big jugannaught lorries pass through, carrying their massive loads. It was here that we also had our first taste of the widely served ‘London Fog’. This drink was to become a new favourite of mine- half a cup of earl gray tea topped up with warm frothy milk and a shot of vanilla. YUM! After a look around their quaint little museum we hit the road again. We headed to Little Fort where a man took us across the river on a small one car ferry. Pulled along on a suspended rope the red ferry chugged across while the man told us of all the things we should do during our short stay. At the end we went to pay him, to find out that this unique service was free! We made it off of the ferry along the narrow planks and came upon a narrow dirt track road that was to take us 30km to our lodge. The climb up this time was even more nerve-racking, as a smooth road was clearly not worth investing in here, we didn’t pass another car for the rest of the journey!

The little ferry!

We pulled into Alpine Meadows Resort, our home for the next two nights and were greeted by a massive lake, in the valley of two mountains with log cabins scattered around the grassy banks. It was spectacular, remote and peaceful.

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