Ominous Advice

Finally I seem to have settled into some sort of rhythm of daily life in Madrid. It has only taken 3 months, but I feel like I now have some sort of routine, even if it is completely different to anything else I have ever known. For starters I am officially a working gal. Everyday, Monday to Friday, I head off to work. Admittedly my job does not operate under the most conventional hours and there will be days I am there with 5 classes from 11am until 9pm, whilst some days I just go in for 2 or 3 hours. But still, this is the most ‘proper’ job I have ever had and it pays all the bills. I am absolutely not complaining. In fact, most of the time I reflect on my days and conclude that quite frankly everything is pretty fantastic. I couldn’t think of doing anything more enjoyable for a job and I am in a beautiful city made up of really quite nice people. 
To temporarily put this lovely routine on hold and make everything a bit more exciting, Semana Santa has arrived! Holidays are here! For about 6 weeks I have been counting down for the arrival of that one precious week I have without work during my 6 month contract. And Here it is. Ignoring all advice we are embarking on a trip to the south, visiting Granada and Sevilla in potentially the most popular and busiest week the cities experience. We have been warned to expect to experience what it feels like to be a sardine in a tin and witness endless processions accompanied with outpourings of emotion unlike anything we have ever seen. If anything, these bleak dissuading by literally everyone that knows the plan (my boss, colleagues, housemates and friends) has made me slightly more excited about the prospect of going. Yes, it may well be completely, jam-pack, crowded, but I hope to see something that truly will be unique. Having been brought up a Catholic, with my parents religiously going to church every week (no pun intended 😉 ) I am even more interested to witness this phenomenon. Of course, it might be a complete, fricking disaster. But hey, we’ll just look back on it and laugh….? Also hoping the apartment we have booked via Air BnB is legit… otherwise we might have a slight problem…. 
Nevertheless, we are off in two days! And I cannot wait! 

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