Mi Cumpleaños

My birthday fast approached as I was filled with a little bit of dread about turning a year older. 22- hardly old at all I hear you say and yes I completely agree, but I love this stage in my life so much right now that I really don’t want it to come closer to an end! We went out for a lovely curry the night before having gone 2 months without any such food, I skyped my parents in the morning and opened my presents in their ‘virtual-company’ and spent the rest of the day chilling out at home with Ramsey and Hannah coming over for lunch. I was surprised by the arrival of a package full of presents and a beautifully handmade card all from my sister! I went to work to discover that with quality timing my lesson that day was to teach my little ones the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and about birthdays. Needless to say I was more than happy when 9pm arrived and I was out of the door as quickly as possible and heading home. I invited my handful of new madrileños amigos (8 in total including housemates and colleagues!) to a bar in Malasaña which I loved due to its floor covered in sand and its little wooden benches- all that was missing was the sea. More than a few drinks later I was rather content and really quite drunk – in a very un-Spanish like fashion I called it a night at about 2am. Needless to say the day left me feeling very spoilt and loved and with a hangover the next morning!

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