December Diary

So it has recently dawned on me that despite having an extremely busy and fun filled couple of months, with a few tough times in there mixed in with some moments that will be forever memorable, I have failed to update my blog. Ironic. I am possibly the worst blog writer in the world. In a nutshell:
December brought with it a whirlwind of emotions…
  • I finished working in Os Peares and was quite happy to leave remote village life and head back to the hustle and bustle of a city.
  • I managed to find a nice little teaching job in a private language school in Madrid.
  • I flew with Hannah and Andrea to Madrid, where I embarked on a frantic search to find somewhere to live for January.
  • I met my boss and saw where I was going to be working in the New Year- wasn’t too shabby at all
  • After staying in a hostel for a week, I managed to find an apartment to live in with 3 Spaniards. Yay!
  • I flew home and was once again reunited with my family; however it was to be under the sad circumstances of my wonderful Grandad passing away.
  • The two weeks leading up to Christmas were spent organising the funeral and spending lots of time with my family.
  • My Grandad was given a beautiful and personal send off just before Christmas that was testimony to the strength of my fantastic family. My Mum and Aunty read their eulogy perfectly and organised a wake with an atmosphere resembling that of a wedding reception. I truly believe he was smiling that day watching us with a glint in his eye and a sure nod of approval.
  • I was apprehensive about Christmas Day. Naturally there hadn’t been any desire to get excited, bother buying presents or feast on mince pies. But the family pulled it off once again and we had a fun day, supporting each other at those wobbly moments but more so laughing and reminiscing about Grandad’s love for Christmas and his excessive use of lametta and tinsel.
  • My flight was booked to return to Madrid on the 1st January, as I started work on the 2nd. It was difficult knowing I was leaving my family at a time when I felt that my Mum would have liked having me around the most.
  • I brought in the New Year watching the fireworks on the London skyline from Primrose Hill with my two lifelong friends and a good friend I had worked with in Croatia.
  • We drew a crowd of about 200 people, who painfully watched as we attempted for about 15minutes to set off a Chinese lantern. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is now a video on YouTube mocking us.

And before I knew it my time had come to leave home once more and embark upon a new journey. Despite coming home and going off again quite a few times in the last year, this was definitely one of the most difficult. Once more I found myself checking-in my bag and waving to my parents as I wandered off through security to find out what Madrid had to offer.

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