Outta Here

(Written 10th November)
3 weeks in England proved to be enough and soon another flight was booked and I was heading back to Spain. To the north, to work at a kids camp I must admit I had very little information about! Turns out the place was to challenge all my stereotypes of sunny Spain- Galicia has more rain than England, and a good day is a dry day, with maybe a sighting of blue sky! I touched down in Santiago de Compostela and came across about 8 others who were heading to work at the same place- all of us armed with very little information about the place and unsure about what we were letting ourselves in for. With 4 hours to wait before our bus arrived to take us to the camp we had plenty of time to get to know each other and formulate potential scenarios regarding what we had actually signed up for. Nevertheless, when we finally arrived I’m not sure I expected to be just quite as remote as it was! In the middle of NOWHERE, on a dam, with the nearest little village a 15 minute walk away and the nearest town a 20minute drive. Well it was a shock to this London lass. Still- it beat Boots any day.

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