(Written 14th October)
If there was one thing I was looking forward to about coming home it was having all five of us back together. I absolutely love going away, but I also value family above everything else in the world. After 5 months we found ourselves sitting around the dinner table again all together swapping stories and naturally being the loudest most boisterous table in the restaurant. My sister had had months of adventures around Vietnam, and my brother had started college and a new job that has finally managed to pull out his inner enthusiasm. To top it off my sister and I were especially excited about being bridesmaids for my cousin the following day.

The wedding was undoubtedly one top notch knees up. Considering I have been one of the most helplessly absent bridesmaids the world has possibly seen there was not much that could go wrong when my instructions were to essentially  to  just turn up! Thankfully everything went without a hitch and bride and groom turned up looking lovely and were soon hitched and heading to the reception. Despite the perfectly timed hail storm that arrived just as we were all getting out of the car to walk into the venue (the reason the umbrellas from SportsDirect were being sold so cheaply quickly became clear…) the weather was pretty fabulous for October and we even managed a few snaps outside! Some quality food and speeches, free bar and photo-booth ensured a night to remember. Laura and Rob I wish you all the happiness in the future and thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

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