Future Unknown

(Written 7 October)
My time in Barcelona has come to an end along with all the solid plans I made upon finishing uni. I find myself on yet again another flight, this time coming home, back to ‘base’ with the hope of planning my next move somewhere in the world. To be fair this was not unexpected- my oldest cousin is getting married and I think I had better attend considering I am one of the bridesmaids! But this planned trip back home was part of the reason I was unable to find work in Barcelona. With term just starting most schools had already sorted out their teacher for the new year and I feel I was coming along just a few weeks too late. I was offered a couple of hours here and there from about 4 companies but all of them wanted me to start that day and when they found out I had to return home they told me to get in touch when I was back. My problem is that I had said to myself that I wouldn’t return if I didn’t have anything to return back to. And that’s the situation I find myself in. 
Leaving has been made slightly harder as I found myself starting to overcome my pickpocket paranoia and enjoying the city once again. That’s not to say I still clung to my bag for dear life on the metro and would always slightly jump grab my bag if anyone ever brushed passed me down the street! But I am happy to say that I managed to get through my time in Barcelona with all my possessions still in my possession (touch wood my bag has made it into the hold on this flight!). My last few days have been spent in what seems a permanent state of being hungover/exhausted due to going out for 4 out of the last 5 nights- SO UNLIKE ME! I don’t even think I did that in Freshers. Sleeping in my own bed is definitely a positive of me going home- despite it being a little single bed, no other can quite match it 🙂 
So what lies ahead is quite the blank page right now. I don’t feel worried. I know I will get a job somewhere, doing something. But I do like to plan to some extent and I am eager to line something up asap! (Not to mention because I have zilch money right now too). I have a new found desire to learn Spanish- so maybe Madrid will do? 
But for now I have that excited feeling in my stomach, knowing my family is going to meet me at arrivals and soon I’ll be through the front door and having a good old cuppa tea! Barcelona- thank you! You certainly did not disappoint, and I hope to be returning one day 🙂 

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