Beautiful Barcelona

It’s official. I have fallen in love. With Barcelona. And it probably didn’t take more than a week. (God, she’s easy I hear you say).
Before now I wasn’t really too sure what people meant when they spoke about being given good signs about things, but within a few days of being here I suddenly knew exactly what they meant as I was given some myself:
  •       I arrived to find myself living in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, El Born, amongst narrow cobbled streets that remind me of the lanes in Brighton.
  •       My housemates extended a hand of friendship as soon as I walked through the door and that night I found myself at a BBQ with them and their friends, drinking wine and chatting, being put at ease and excited about my adventure to come. There were quite a few predictions made on the chances of me not wanting to leave.
  •       (My room here is much bigger than my one at home! With some very cool views!)
  •       I spent my first full day wandering the streets and admiring the city. I did this all without a map admittedly, and once I did find one it turned out I had essentially walked around in circles for a few hours. Nevertheless I had enjoyed it, and I am pretty sure I didn’t see too many things twice!?
  •       After the BBQ night my nerves had disappeared and I turned up to the first day of my TEFL course excited and ready for whatever lay ahead…
  •      And I was not disappointed. It turns out that I may just love teaching and I’m not actually too bad at it (must be in the blood- thanks Mum!)
  •      I have been too busy to feel lonely when I am on my own, and when I have the opportunity to explore I have seized it!
  •      I dragged myself out of bed in the morning to go for a run. And when you are greeted by this view on the beach you suddenly know it was completely and utterly worth it:
  •     And, I have started to longboard. Very badly. But practise makes perfect, right?

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