Holiday at Home

(Written 29th August)

Being reunited with family is one of the best feelings. Being back with those that are there for you no matter where you are and no matter what happens. And of course, that first cup of tea when coming through the front door. The stories you are desperate to share, all the photos you have to show and descriptions of people you have met. It seems like there is simply not enough time to tell it all, and when you do- the words never seem to do any justice to the actual experience. Sleeping in my own bed after months of living in wooden huts. Having a shower and not having to wear flip-flops. Oh clean clothes! To make everything even better, I came home to find my room had been redecorated by the best Mum in the whole world. Waking up on my first morning at home and coming down the stairs to have an early morning catch up with Dad while everyone else was still asleep. Snuggling up on the sofa to watch a family film with a take-away in the evening. All these little things make coming home, for a short time, one of the best things!
But it won’t be long before I am taking off again and embarking on a new adventure. Barcelona is calling, and I have decided to take a leap into the unknown and become TEFL qualified in the hope of funding my travel dreams. I have returned home to find many of my friends have started full-time jobs, Monday to Friday, entering the ‘real world’ of work, with only the evenings and weekends free. It is difficult not to begin doubting whether what I am doing is realistic, and whether I should be considering ‘growing up’ and selling my soul to the working world. However, I also continually remind myself that I have wanted to travel for years and have until I am around 65 (probably older) to work, work, work, so what does it matter if I postpone doing this for a few years!

So, my week has been full of unpacking and repacking, doing washing, seeing family and a couple available friends, and doing a lot of online prep work for my TEFL course! My backpack has had to be swapped for a slightly larger suitcase, which is now packed, ready to go in the hallway as I get the last few things ready before leaving once again. I am slightly nervous about what awaits me. I had planned to originally go with a friend, but with her deciding to enter the world of work for a while, I have been left to face and embrace the unknown alone. They say everything happens for a reason, and I am excited to see where this will take me. 

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