The End in Sight

(Written 20th August 2014)
Session Five is going as quickly as it came. When I first met my girls I felt slightly dissappointed that they didn’t seem as lively as I would have liked, nor that they were going to get on very well. But how wrong I was. My girls have gone from being shy and slightly reserved, to being upbeat, giggly and unbelievably friendly. My co-counselor, Sarah, is a fun-loving 31 year old Kiwi who proves that age is just a number and that the world can always be your oyster if you want it to be. Our lip-sync was an interesting re-enactment of Shrek to the song ‘I’m a Believer’ and our cabin video consisted of Sarah and I dictating the “ideal” letter we thought the girls should write home to their parents:
‘Dear Mum and Dad,
I am having the best time in San Francisco cabin. The girls are lovely but the counselors are even better. Zoe is the most beautiful counselor at camp and quite frankly I was to be her. Sarah is like an angel sent from above; Kind, caring and a wonderful dancer. I am having such a wonderful time, I don’t want to leave. In fact, I would quite like my counselors to adopt me.
Lots of Love…’
At which point Nathan, who was filming, coughed and we charged at the camera. Im curious to see how this will go down when it is shown at closing camp fire! When the girls don’t get letters from home I make one up for each of them (good practice for when I have to write their postcards home!) and when I left for my day off they each gave me a hug which left me feeling very loved! This session truly promises to be a lovely way to end the summer. I am now just over half way through the session, with only 4 days until I fly home. 
I have been presented with the new challenge of running Drama this session along with Caitlin, a lovely girl and great friend from Scotland. This consists of working with 11 kids to produce a play to perform at the closing campfire. Ours is going to be a twist on Alice in Wonderland, basing it in camp and associating the counselor roles with those of Alice in Wonderland characters. The group is enthusiastic and hopefully if they learn their lines and speak loudly the play has some potential! 
 My mid-session day off was boat day off, which without a doubt equates to Best Day Off. 7 of us hired a boat and sailed around the Adriatic coast and islands. Some open water swimming, sea biscuit surfing (until it deflated!) and topless sunbathing ensued to ensure the day went swimmingly. We dropped anchor for lunch next to a beautiful little island and tucked into sandwiches we sneakily made at breakfast. Mick (an awesome Aussie and such an incredible swimmer even the fish are jealous) suggested we swam over to an island about 200m away, across a channel, and climb to the top of it for some great views. We set off and after dodging a fair few sea urchins made it to land. From a distance the island looked quite easy to get to the top of- how wrong we were. Taking ‘rugged’ to the extreme, the rocks were pretty unstable, shrubs spiky and overgrown and anything that seemed like a path was quite difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, we made it about half way, until I fell behind the boys and was left of a wobbly rock pondering which way would be best to get down on my own, with no-one to test out the sturdiness of rocks before me. When we were finally reunited at the bottom a police boat whizzed past looking like it was after a boat. We didn’t think much of it and after a nervous shallow dive we were swimming back, not before Mick had stated sadly “that adventure wasn’t too successful”… 
About half way across the channel on our swim back a yacht appeared out of nowhere on a slight collision course towards us if we didn’t get our swim on. The next thing, the police boat was sirening and appearing the other side of us. The side door on the boat swung open and a man appeared asking us why what the hell we were doing swimming over 100m away from land. (I personally think we were about 100m away from both islands in the middle…) The yacht was slightly diverted and the police offered to drop us back to our boat, after of course we let Mick take one for the team and tell them we were from Australia, (I wasn’t sure how England would go down, so I decided to keep quiet.) The man hauled me onto the boat, drenching his uniform, and we took the 5 steps up to the top deck…this boat was rather large! A slap on the wrist and a short boat ride later and we were on our way, after a quick selfie with Mick’s go-pro with the police boat in the background. That adventure wont be forgotten in a while! We continued to sail the seas for the rest of the afternoon, returning to camp chilled out, tanned and having munched through 200litres of petrol!

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