Testing Limits

(Written 9th August)
I knew all the groups of girls I had had for the last 5 weeks were fantastic. All different and great in their own ways and I knew I had to embrace this and make the most of it. But it wasn’t until this session, with my latest group of 7 girls that I realised just how fab and lively my previous group of girls truly were. My new group were been rather mellow, much like most of the kids came to camp this session. It is strange that the sessions can vary so much in the type of children that attend. This two weeks consisted of a high number of returning campers, who knew the rules and exactly how camp works. They rarely needed to be told what to do and are so well behaved that most of us wished they would be a bit mischievous just for some fun! I had 3 girls in my cabin that I was counselor to last year and only 1 had never been to camp before. 
The two weeks of this penultimate session were the toughest yet without a doubt. Everyone has been really tired and searching for that last bit of energy which at times seems tough to find. One of my friends told me that sometimes when people are really hungry or tired they reveal their true personality, and I recon he might just be onto something there. To make matters ever so slightly more difficult a virus spread throughout the camp over the last two weeks leaving around 60 campers and counselors with chronic diarrhoea and vomiting for around 24 hours at some point. Having been sick last year and knowing how bad it is, I have spent the last week going to bed in fear of waking up in the middle of the night with the need to sprint to the bathroom. Touch wood I have made it through the session without any problems. I am just praying that whatever made me sick last year has given me immunity to whatever this virus is this year! Saying that, I am currently on a flight to Paris and if I am struck down with it there I am not sure what to do. Don’t know what the parents of the one camper I am picking up tomorrow would think if I needed to greet them with a sick bucket!! 
The session has not all been doom and gloom however. For the first time ever I swam with phosphorescent plankton, an incredible experience I will not forget in a hurry. It was like swimming through stars, one of the most magical things, little emerald jewels bringing the sea to life during the night. 
I spent my day off in Sibenik, which I have come to conclude is possibly the most beautiful city in Croatia. A port town on the coast, situated on a hill, it’s winding narrow streets and buildings were full of character, and if walls could talk these would sure have some stories to tell. My most relaxing day off without a doubt, spent wandering around and later taking in my surroundings on a little beach tucked away from the centre of the city (see the photo below!).  Sometimes days like this make it ever so slightly challenging to return to the routine of camp! 

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