Leaving the Bubble

Graduation crept up on me much like the storms that keep appearing out of the blue over here. It feels like only last week that I was sitting my final exams and now I find myself sitting in departures in Zadar airport waiting for a flight back to London for a precious few days with family and friends. 
I feel like already I have so much to catch up on and so many stories to tell that these couple of days until Sunday morning will be manic. Limited internet and very little free time leaves me feeling quite out of touch with the big wide world but at the same time this is also one of the reasons I absolutely love camp life. Mindless checking of Facebook and expecting WiFi in every public place has become a routine part of everyday life. I hate to admit that I am very much a part of this back home, although far from the extreme, and not having access to the internet is actually really refreshing. Not only does it mean I have a great genuine excuse for why I am not staying in touch with people (besides just being too busy having fun), it also means that I use my precious time on the internet wisely! Returning home means leaving this bubble of camp life with all its quirks knowing that in a few days I am going to return again, hopefully refreshed and having caught up with friends and family and on a backlog of junk emails that have been left over the last few weeks.

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