Here Goes…

As my housemates will tell you, I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a while. It seems ironic for someone that isn’t the biggest fan of Facebook and sharing my every move with the world. But I figured it would help me stay ever so slightly more organised and possibly help me remember what I get up to! The fact I feel like I am starting a ‘new chapter’ in life makes me feel that now is a great time to start. So here goes…
I’ve just finished as a student studying history at Sussex uni, spending the best 3 years of my life thus far living in Brighton. I simply could not have imagined spending my uni years in a better, more vibrant, city. Cobbled lanes, flea markets and vintage shops, quirky bars and a great vibe. Being able to run along the beach in the mornings. I couldn’t really ask for much more. With my dissertation and exams finished I spent my last week trying to truly make the most of this wonderful place. Last Thursday I packed up my stuff and moved back home to London. 
I now find myself sitting on an airplane en route to Dubrovnik. What seemed like an infinite amount of time in education is now over (although I haven’t written off doing a masters just yet), and what lies ahead of me is a truly open book. I have always been quite jealous of those people that have always known what they have wanted to do, or have done a vocational degree- doctors, vets, teachers, they all lead to a job! I, on the other hand, have simply never had a clue. Around December time, realising I only had about 6 months left at uni I descended into a mild frenzy of “WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO!!?” along with many of my fellow clueless friends. I flicked through the times grad guide and realised I didn’t have a clue what marketing, law, accounting, finance or any of those broad scary business sectors were really about. Needless to say after a quick google none looked massively appealing. I then came to figure that if I am going to be spending 40 years of my life working (grim), what’s the rush? I can spend a year or two, or five, living life and figuring out what I want to do on the way.
The only thing I know I have wanted to do since going to Cape Town at 16 is travel. So having finished uni that is exactly what I plan to do. Right now the world quite literally is my oyster. I may find that in 3 months I am totally over living out of a backpack and that the office job with long hours but great pay is my calling. Alternatively it could be 3 years. Who knows. So I guess this blog will be about my rambling trails of thought and adventures of watching my life play out. “Oh great!” I hear you say. Don’t like it? Feel free to press the red x in the top right corner at any time 🙂 
So what’s in Dubrovnik I hear you ask? Well, after working and travelling around Croatia last summer, Dubrovnik is the only major city in the country I left unvisited. I have discovered that whilst I’m all for ‘seeing where I end up’, some sort of plan never goes amiss. So this summer I shall be returning to work as a camp counselor in Croatia. Not sure I am a massive advocate of doing things twice (I guess this will help me decide!) but my summer last year was simply the most magical and fantastic I could have imagined. Spent with fantastic friends in a beautiful place I was so sad to leave that I couldn’t quite believe i wouldn’t return. Camp life is like no other and is an incredible experience that puts everything into perspective and helps you focus on the important things in life. It is for these reasons and so many more that I find myself on this plane to Dubrovnik for a mini adventure with a couple of friends before heading back to the oasis of camp for what promises to be another incredible summer. Undoubtedly it will be different, things are never the same when they are repeated but I hope that armed with an open mind and enthusiasm it’ll be just as memorable. 

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